The Path Towards Medical Freedom
The Healing ResetOctober 18, 2022
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The Path Towards Medical Freedom

What is medical freedom? And how can you achieve it? Find out now.

Medical freedom: What is it? And how do we achieve it?

These are a few of the questions we answer in today’s episode of The Healing Reset.

You see, no matter what others tell you, we don’t really have medical freedom.

Many of us don’t understand the meds we take, their side-effects, or how they work. 

No one informs us, unless we ask, and even though information is “readily” available online, it’s not always easy to access or understand.

Medical freedom means the freedom of choosing what goes into our bodies, and even in 2022, this is still not truly the case.

To discuss this, I’ve brought on the brilliant Dr. Stephanie Coxon.

Dr. Coxon is a mother of five, a naturopath, and a medical freedom activist. And today, she’s here to discuss medical freedom!


Let's dive in.


Key Takeaways:

Meet Dr. Coxon (01:05)

What is medical freedom activism? (02:07)

Is medical freedom villainized? (10:15)

The importance of advocating for yourself (14:43)

Stepping outside of convention (17:45)

Why diet matters (26:32)

Three things to do for better health (34:05)


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