The Food Immunity Fix
The Healing ResetApril 19, 2022
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The Food Immunity Fix

Is the food you're eating affecting your health and immune system? Find out the answer in today's episode of The Healing Reset!

Without food, we wouldn’t survive. So, why do so many of us put so little thought into what we eat?

Food can be healing, but it can also make us sick. Think of how many people suffer from nut allergies, lactose intolerance, or celiac disease. 

Each one of us knows at least one person whose ailments come from eating the wrong food and not realizing it.

So, what can you and the people around you do about this?

Well, this is the exact question I’ve asked today’s guest, the brilliant Dr. Donna Mazzola!

Dr. Mazzola is a jack of all trades. She is a doctor of pharmacy, a nutritionist, an autoimmune expert, the author of The Immunity Food Fix, and an overall amazing human being who has dedicated her career to understanding human nutrition and educating people like us on its importance.

And today, she’s here to teach us how we can heal our bodies through food.

Ready to learn more?

Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Meet Dr. Mazzola (00:54)

Educating people on food (06:48)

Understanding the immune system (08:29)

Is modern day America failing our health? (10:36)

About the food pyramid (12:12)

Dr. Mazzola’s book (14:08)

It’s all about balance! (19:07)

Healing through food (21:50)

What about alcohol? (26:31)

Talking gluten (30:24)

Three things for better health (36:52)


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