How to Combat Chronic Illness
The Healing ResetSeptember 06, 2022
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How to Combat Chronic Illness

Wondering how you can fight chronic illness? Listen to this episode for the answer!

Dealing with a chronic illness can be daunting.

You never know when you’ll have a flare up, you have to take medicine daily (and sometimes, for your whole life), and you never know how to explain to people that you can’t do certain things because of your illness.

Chronic illness can also greatly affect your mental health, causing depression and anxiety.

All in all, it’s not a fun ride.

However, there is a way to combat it, and this is exactly what I discuss in today’s episode with my guest, the brilliant Dr. Jeff Wright.

Dr. Wright is a naturopathic doctor who has spent the last two decades practicing family medicine and helping patients find the root cause of their chronic illnesses.

Want to hear what he has to say?

Tune in now!


Key Takeaways:

Meet Dr. Wright (00:24)

Why chronic illness is on the rise (03:13)

The forever chemicals (12:19)

About Hashimoto’s (21:46)

How to find someone like Dr. Wright (28:45)

The next level of the pyramid (38:35)

Three things to do for better health (45:17)


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