Here’s the Answer to All Your GI Issues
The Healing ResetJuly 05, 2022
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Here’s the Answer to All Your GI Issues

Some people deal with GI issues daily and don't know how to heal them. But there is a way, and we're here to talk about it!

GI disorders are not easy to deal with.

They can greatly affect your quality of life and make it difficult for you to do everyday tasks such as eating out or spending time with friends.

This, of course, can have consequences on your mental health and lead to issues such as anxiety and depression.

In the US alone, more than three quarters of the population deal with GI problems daily. These issues can run from mild heartburn to more complicated diseases, such as celiac or Crohn’s.

So, how can you treat your GI disorders? 

This is the exact question I ask today’s guest, the brilliant Jose Baldazo.

Jose is a firefighter and paramedic turned functional medicine nurse, and today, he’s here to tell us all about how to diagnose and treat people dealing with GI disorders.


Let’s dive in.


Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Meet Jose (01:04)

What’s a GI disorder? (02:02)

Can GI issues be fixed? (07:33)

Jose’s playbook (11:08)

Supplements and detox (14:54)

IV Therapy (17:27)

Lifestyle hacks you need to know (20:53)

Three things to do for better health (24:34)


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