Healing From the Inside Out
The Healing ResetMay 10, 2022
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Healing From the Inside Out

How can you heal your body from the inside out? Find out in today's episode of The Healing Reset!

“Treat your body like a temple,” some people say. Sure, our bodies are complicated, but taking care of them doesn’t have to be.

Your lifestyle has a big impact on your overall health, be it physical or mental. 

From the food you eat to the water you drink or the air you breathe, everything that comes in contact with your body makes it feel better — or worse — in one way or another.

Even your stress levels can affect you in big ways.

Your lifestyle can heal your body, but it can also hurt it.

So, is your lifestyle doing you any favors? Or would you be better off changing how you live?

These are some of the questions I ask today’s guest, the brilliant Dr. Clayton Bell.

Dr. Bell’s medical philosophy is that the common thread to optimizing vitality and health lies with activating, supporting, and empowering the person to heal themselves from the inside out. 

What does that mean exactly?

Tune in now to find out!


Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Healing from the inside out (01:49)

Dr. Bell’s typical patient (05:40)

What is inhibiting long term wellness? (09:02)

Where to start (15:10)

The importance of having a support system (19:36)

Dr. Bell, a lifestyle physician (22:52)

The effects of chronic stress (27:47)

Three things to do for better health (35:57)


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