Defeating Type 2 Diabetes
The Healing ResetNovember 02, 2021
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Defeating Type 2 Diabetes

Strategies and hope for reversing (not just managing) your type 2 diabetes with Dr. Thomas A Chaney, DC and Dr. Stephanie J Chaney, DC.

Most conventional doctors consider type 2 diabetes to be a chronic and progressive disease. 

In fact, the conventional standard of care flow chart that doctors use to manage diabetes doesn't envision a situation where the patient's condition gets better.

The conventional approach to treating and managing diabetes is failing millions of people.

But there is hope for people who are pre-diabetic or have lived with diabetes for so long. 

Type 2 diabetes is not a life sentence.

In this episode, I have on Dr. Thomas A Chaney, DC, and Dr. Stephanie J Chaney, DC, to educate us on strategies to defeat type 2 diabetes.

They run a successful integrative medicine practice and specialize in a holistic and progressive approach to healthcare. 

They have helped many patients reduce and eliminate medications and reverse type 2 diabetes. 

They share some strategies that they have seen work on their patients, including the ONE thing you should stop doing immediately.

Tune in to learn of these strategies and change the direction of your health today!

Key Takeaways:

- Intro (00:00)

- The body knows how to function (07:45)

 - What it means to be pre-diabetic or diabetic (08:54)

- The limitations of the conventional diabetes standard of care flow chart (12:05)

- Hope for people who have lived with diabetes for so long (17:27)

- The common mistakes people living with diabetes make (18:58)

- The one important change you should do right now (25:49)

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