Cellular Detox - How to Bring Balance Back to Your Cells
The Healing ResetNovember 30, 2021
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Cellular Detox - How to Bring Balance Back to Your Cells

How can you detox your cells? And why does it matter anyway? Find out the answer to both these questions in today's episode!

How do you detox your body when the world around you is toxic?

This is a question many scientists have asked throughout the 20th and 21st century.

With the advance of technology came the use of newer chemicals in the water we drink, in the food we eat, and even in the air we breathe. 

Everywhere you go, you're around toxins. But, don't give up hope just yet, because, like every week, we've come here to discuss the solution you need!

And, speaking of discussing solutions, let me introduce this week's guest, the amazing Dr. Daniel Pompa.

Dr. Pompa is a speaker, a trainer of physicians, and an educator. And today, he's here to talk about his life's work, cellular detox.

What is cellular detox? And how does it work?

Tune in to find out!


Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Meet Dr. Pompa (01:50)

Dr. Pompa's story (03:32)

Is it possible to detox the brain? (07:20)

The importance of addressing the cellular issue (11:44)

Who can use cellular detox? (14:29)

The three main assaults to our bodies (17:25)

Bringing balance in a toxic world (21:02)

The role of nutrition (24:21)

Do we have control over our genetics? (29:03)


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