Bringing Back Balance (Part 2)
The Healing ResetOctober 26, 2021
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Bringing Back Balance (Part 2)

In this week's episode, I continue the conversation with Dr. David Minkoff on cancer and autoimmune condition and what we can do to prevent them. Stay Tuned! Learn more at:

Last week, the legendary Dr. David Minkoff took us through the weight of chronic diseases on the human body and the relationship between cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Today, we take the conversation several notches higher.

We dive deep into some strategies we can use to restore and reset health before we get to the point of treating disease. 

These strategies will set up our bodies for success to handle life as it comes because many health conditions are preventable.

Having seen thousands of patients at his clinic, Dr. Minkoff has seen which deficiencies lead to chronic diseases.

Make sure to tune in and learn of some simple yet effective strategies that will lead you to ultimate health!

Ready? Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways:

- Intro (00:00)

- How to set up your body for success (01:08)

- Restoring and resetting health (04:31)

- Why we should all be supplementing vitamin D (06:32)

- Budgeting for your health (09:05)

- Methodologies to effective detox (10:44)

- Amino acids: Do we need to supplement? (15:11)

- The 3 best things you can do for your health today (20:35)

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